Christmas in New York

Ok I know Christmas was so long ago.. but here I am finally publishing there awaiting blog for our Christmas in New York!!

I’ve always dreamt of a white Christmas, or even just a cold Christmas, just like the movies we grew up watching, in Australia we spend Christmas by the beach or pool, filled with lots of food, cold drinks and festivities, it’s a really fun time of year, but it’s certainly so much different than a cold Christmas in the northern hemisphere, and I was so ready to experience this!

We unfortunately didn’t get to see any snow, but we did experience some of the coldest days ever! When we were up on Brooklyn bridge it was -12 Celsius which I believe is truely the coldest weather I’ve felt, and not like other cold climates, New York when it is cold, has a painful burning cold that makes it impossible to warm up.. but I still just looove it sooo much, its actually my 3rd visit to NY!

Here’s a quick guide of what we got up to, where we ate and stayed;

We stayed in the area of Soho, lower Manhattan, at 11 Howard, which was a really great location for us, we were walking distant from some of my favourite food location & a great shopping area.

We had 7 nights in New York over Christmas, we arrived a few days before Christmas & got into the festive season..

this is what we got up to over the pre-Christmas;

Windows at 5th Ave (Christmas decorated shop fronts)
Saks on 5th Lightshow
Union Square Market
Dyker Heights (a suburb just outside the city that all decorate their houses in Christmas lights)
Ice Skating at central park
Ice skating at the Rockefeller centre
Elf the musical
Central Park (walked through on Christmas morning)
Plus a lot of shopping!

After Christmas we;

Explored Brooklyn
Went up the Rockefeller observatory as early as possible (this morning was SO cold!)
Brooklyn Bridge
Dumbo Park
East Village vintage
Times Square

Now my recommendation is to remember soo many people have the same idea of spending Christmas in New York and it is an extremely busy time for tourism, so we were pretty shocked and frustrated at times with the crowds, especially at the main areas such as Rockefeller, Saks on 5th, Times Square (but its always busy), windows at 5th. So just be prepared to brace the crowds!

Ok now to some great tips WHERE TO EAT!! I’ll just list all the places we ate and put a little tip when necessary, there was SO many good places in NY we ate so well!!
Butchers daughter– vegetarian/vegan super quick with orders, SO YUM!
Matcha cha cha -get the turmeric matcha latte!!
By Chloe- fast food vegan, super cute, love this place!
Oficinia 1M -only got takeaway pasta
Avant Garden SOOOOO GOOOD, went here on the last night for dinner, make a booking its super tiny, But SO damn good, one of my fav vegan restaurants ever!
NIX- vegetarian restaurant, great food heaps of vegan options also, we made a reservation in advance for dinner as it gets really busy, highly recommend for a nice meal
Jajaja Mexican- vegan mexican restaurant, which is SO good, again another highly recommend!
Van Leewuens vegan ice cream- not all vegan but so many vegan option, such a yummy treat and never busy because its so cold outside no-one really wants to freeze and eat ice cream.. except us!
Dõ cookie- now I didn’t love this one.. was just like a cup of cookie do, and I found it really sickening, I mean the line went out the door so clearly everyone else loves it!
Blue Stone Lane- this is a Australian chain of cafes in New York, and we loved it here, Australian style coffee, Vegemite and Avo on toast! mmm SO GOOD
Lombardis– NY style pizza, very classic, but always a fav.
Jacks Wife Freda- I mean it was good, but not my fav, I guess if you ate a lot of meat or cheeses it would be better suited
Also the hotel 11 Howard did a great acai bowl and Avo toast!!

There was so many more places on my list, but I think we got to try a fair few great spots!

All images below were edited with doyoutravelxgypsealust presets

So that was basically our trip in a summary, I had so many DMs from followers with recommendations, so thank you guys! this below was my full list of to do and to eat, thought id include it, so that if you are planning your trip you can use it to help!

New York to do;

Butchers daughter ✔️
Matcha cha cha ✔️
Citizens of Chelsea
By Chloe✔️
Magnolia bakery
Rolf’s (Christmas decorations)
Levian bakery(73rd Street)
Fine and raw chocolate
Shojin fine dining vegan
Morgensterns icecream
Oficina 1M✔️
Pietronolita (pink Italian )
Sant ambroeus hot choc
Avant garden ✔️
Nix ✔️
Sun in bloom
Spot dessert
Jajaja Mexican  ✔️
Ellen’s stardust diner
Little choc apethory (vegan)
Two hands
Mother of pearl
Clinton Street pancakes
Van leewuens vegan ice cream✔️
Dõ cookie ✔️
Peacefood cafe
Blue stone lane✔️
Lombardi’s ✔️

Photo/to do;
Dumbo park Brooklyn bridge early ✔️
Greenwich village
Belvedere castle
Rockerfeller ✔️
Jackie Kennedy reservoir
If it snows-6ave radio city music hall
Ice skating at Central Park✔️
Ice skating at rollerfella centre✔️
Windows at 5th ave✔️
Saks on 5th light show ✔️
Santa village Brooklyn
Meat packing area
Open door helicopter over the city flyNYon
Chelsea market
Refinery rooftop
Library at nomads hotel
Bryant park winter market ✔️
230 5th rooftop Igloos
Breakfast Tiffany
MET museum / rooftop
Mott Street (China town)
Union square market ✔️
East village vintage ✔️
Bush wick street art
Spyglass rooftop
Public library
Dyker heights ✔️
Times Square ✔️

Burgers from By Chloe
Butchers Daughter Avo Toast
Now I wanted to throw in a special little mention here for The Funky Loft, for having us come spend the day in her incredible airbnb loft for a photoshoot! it was SO cute & so picturesque! Next time in visiting the area I would looove to stay here and have our own space.
I’ve included pictures below from the space& a link here, you can book it to stay or even for a photoshoot Link Here

Dumbo (Brooklyn)
Brooklyn Bridge
Top of the Rock

  1. hey !
    C’était aussi mon rêve… it was my dream to. And I do it with my childs last Christmas. It was amazing and the first day, we saw the snow. “Just a little bit” mais suffisamment pour que mes filles puissent enfin toucher la neige pour la première fois de leur vie. The first time for my chid !! J’en ai eu les larmes aux yeux. Et puis toutes ces décorations, la patinoire, le spectacle At Radio City : The Rocketts… A dream to live !!! You can also see pictures on my website. Thanks to remember me by this post those extraordinary time we spend. Sorry for the text… I’m French ☺️
    Always a pleasure to see your escape…
    Bye, Rachel


  2. I loooved your pictures from New York on Insta so so much and finally, there are even more on the blog ❤
    New York is really a dream place and on my bucket list since forever! I really would love to visit for Halloween, but Christmas is wonderful too!
    Also your apartment is so so gorgeous and I also loved the more wintery vibe of your pics, even though you make the best beach and summer photos! ❤

    Love you so much
    Xx from Germany
    Paulie ❤


  3. Yay!! Love how much detail you put in to these to help your followers plan! And the pictures are so beautiful! Can’t wait to visit NY!
    Hope you do more blogs soon- would love a Finland one too! Xxx


  4. These photos are incredible!
    I love how you give so much information on places to see and where to go. New York is on my list on places to travel too, and your photos make me want to go even sooner! Haha, love your work! You’re such an inspiration xx


  5. Hi Lauren !! 😊 It’s an amazing blog post here, always love reading them and how beautiful and incredibly your photos are ! Such an inspiration !

    I’m currently in New York for one week and your blog post couldn’t have post at a better time 😍 Thanks a lot ! Also I have a question : At what time did you take your Brooklyn Bridge photos ? Because there is litterally no one 😱 how did you do ?

    Lot of love from one of your French followers and readers 😘


    1. Thanks SO much!! We were at Brooklyn bridge just around sunrise, it was also such a cold day I think no one dared to go up there!! Hahaha enjoy New York I love that city!!


  6. I love your pictures!! They are so beautiful 💕. I spent Christmas and New Years (2017-2018) with my boyfriend too, and yes indeed New York in the holiday season is insanely crowded, but charming in its own way. I lost my memory card so all the photos are just in my mind; however, I am more eager to visit again but this time in autumn 🍂
    Keep posting ✨


  7. I’ll be saving this down as a reference point for when my trip to NYC happens!
    You took some gorgeous photos! Was wondering which brand the white jumpsuit you wore on the bridge was?


    1. Thanks! I knew I’d seen it somehere. Appreciate the quick reply and looking forward to more photo blog posts


  8. We are preparing our trip to NY and your blog has helped us a lot! Thank you for sharing all the information 🙂
    Could you let us know where is the rooftop you are sitting with Jack?

    Thank you so much and keep up your great work *.*


  9. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for sharing all this information, it was really useful to prepare my trip to NY.

    Could you please let me know the name of the rooftop where you are sitting in one of the pics you post above ? it seems such a great place to chill.


  10. Hi Lauren,

    Just wanted to let you know that your willingness to travel and stay away from societal pressures (to get a 40 hour job) is incredibly courageous and inspiring. I have followed you both on Instagram for awhile, and was inspired enough to take the leap of faith and travel to Patagonia, Chile for a crazy 100 mile backpacking experience! I attached my GoPro Cinematic video below, but please know that you all inspired everything!

    – Zach from America


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