During late October we were invited out to Namibia with Land Rover to try out one of their Experience driving tours, what an incredible opportunity and diverse itinerary!

Check out the trip details here, we did the south tour.

We flew in from Cape Town to Windhoek with Air Namibia which we booked with Skyscanner

The first night we spent out at Naan kuse lodge & sanctuary, around 30 minutes from the Int airport, we picked up our Land Rover Discoveries & met with the group we’d be spending the next week road tripping Namibia with! The first afternoon we went for a trip to feed the rescued wildlife and learn about each species and why they had been brought in to this sanctuary, this included baboons, lions, cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs, lynxs.. Feeding the lions was the most impressive!!
This sanctuary does an amazing job, and gives these animals the best life possible in such situations, I’ve linked here there website so you can learn more, but I highly recommend visiting this place!
Lodge & Conservation

The next morning we got up early to go on what they call the ‘Cheetah walk’ we took the two female cheetahs out and on a morning walk, they both get to roam free & its a totally relaxed and controlled experience, it was a really unique experience, they told us all the do’s and don’t’s before but I was just surprised how up close and personal you really get to be with them, obviously being around humans so much the cheetahs are really used to it and are super chill & respond pretty well to the keepers. One thing that we were told was no ‘Selfies’ with the cheetahs, I guess they don’t want that bad connotation of promoting animal selfies with wildlife and it doesn’t give the best message and reputation which I fully respected and only took photos of the cheetahs!


On route to our next destination was Spitzkoppen Lodge with this tented little chalets amongst the granite boulders. Such a picturesque spot, and we had such a beautiful sunset at the lodge!
We were also up for sunrise, we headed to a nearby popular spot & climbed up the rock for incredible views of the landscape
Similar Hatlandrover

We then hit the roads for a big day of driving, but not the usual driving, we first left on an off road drive across the oldest desert in the world, drove up rocks & really difficult terrain, of course jack did all of this while I sat & enjoyed! Lastly we ended the experience of off road driving with driving on the beach, I think this was certainly one of Jacks favourite moments of the trip, he’d never drove on sand before & it was really fun!
We then arrived in our next destination.. Swakopmund, this was more of a big town night, staying in a city style hotel to break up the trip! A surprise was planned for sunset, Quad biking in Swakopmund sand dunes, this was realllly fun, & probably my highlight, the dunes are sooo huge, and because our group was pretty big we broke off into two groups, one slower for the ladies & a faster one for the men, but I joined the men 😉
We ended the tour with sunset on top of the dune overlooking the ocean with some bites & champagne!

Next up on the trip was Sossusvlei Sand dunes in the Namib Desert, a really special place! We had two nights at the next lodge, and this lodge was my favourite one yet! – andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.
The first afternoon we relaxed by the lodge, and enjoyed sunset from the infinity pool, Jack & I had a romantic dinner by ourselves, which was SO nice, best food I ate in Namibia!
The next morning we woke up early & headed to the sossusvlei dunes, pictured below, after we had climbed the dunes we came back for a picnic style breakfast, freshly cooked breakfast in the national park!
Back to the resort for a relaxing day & lunch, sunset we headed on a sunset safari drive through the park followed by sunset drinks!

Similar Hat


This resort pictured below was a highlight, the food & service was incredible, they went beyond to cater to my mainly plant based diet, even made morning tea, afternoon tea vegan snacks and treats/deserts which was super accomodating & special!
White Sneakers Here  &  Similar hat

Next drive was to a cute little homestead style accomodation not too far out of Windhoek, a stopover on our way back to Windhoek where we spent our last night for the trip!71d46a69-28d0-4e65-a90f-488649a21d03ac6aaa91-4352-491d-8b12-ba9fa70bc674

All edited with presets from was loving using the Elsa9 from the new Foodie Collection on these edits.


  1. I looove seeing your pictures from Namibia!!!
    I’ve been there for three weeks this summer with my family and it was the most amazing adventure I ever experienced in my life! We always dreamed about going to africa and seeing all the wildlife in there natural habitat and it was so so expressive *-*
    I will never forget all the amazing situations spotting the first lion in Etosha NP, seeing an elefant crossing the road just 2 meter in front of our car or watching a hunting scene of a cheetah and a leopard.
    We stayed in different lodges than you did, but I can say that all of them where so so so high in standard, we were very impressed! They always offered me vegan/vegetarian food and were so friendly and helpful all the time! 🙂

    It was nice to see and here what you experienced in this beautiful country! ❤

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I make no financial gain from my blog, I do it purely to help my followers and give more insight, I don’t have time to work on my blog, so when I do commit time to it the last thing I need is comments like this from assholes like you. so don’t be so god damn judgemental & cruel.


  3. Was this also where you took the moon pictures? I remember you mentioning something about a telescope and stargazing in Africa a while back. That would be so interesting to read about! As always, lovely pictures!


  4. This is so inspiring! Love all your shots 😍. Can you please make a blog post on how you pack for your travels (how not to look like a tourist without exceeding the baggage weight)


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