Greek Island of Kos with Casa Cook

To end our Summer trip in Europe we were invited by Casa Cook for a stay at the brand new resort in Kos, Greece
We spent 4 nights here & had a truely relaxing visit.
the resort just opened this season and it was a island neither of us had been to.
We checked into the Junior suite & were most impressed with the incredible architecture and interior design. The modern desert, boho greek style is exactly what I look for in a hotel! I personally love this style of hotels, not as into the fancy high end up market 5 star style.
The first evening we had a big group dinner and a meet and greet with some other media & the Casa Cook team to chat about the story behind the resorts.
The bar manager made us some special Margaritas that were super delicious! I love a good spin on the original margarita.. The head chef came over and had a chat with me and was able to put together a little plant based menu, I love when a kitchen is willing to get experimental and mix it up for us fussy eaters!

The following day we had a bit of a sleep in as it was too comfy to get out of bed! A perfect day full of sunshine! we spent most the day by the main pool & enjoyed a fresh lunch poolside – my kinda day! especially after such a busy few weeks..
In the afternoon we headed to the Gym, I fell in love with the Gym there, so unique and different, I think its more suited for women or low intensity training, Jack needed heavier weights for what exercise routine he does, for me it was perfect! everything was new, clean and modern, with wood finishings, which gave me a fresh boost of inspiration & motivation!

We enjoyed a sunset cocktail from the Bar & joined everyone for a big spread of dinner! they brought out some special meals for me of course 😛 but all the food looked great, and so much fresh seafood that Jack loved!

This night we had some more cocktails following dinner, the bar manager put on a little show with the smoked ameretto sours, which I have pictured below! So many yummy and unique cocktails he's really nailed integrating local produce into the style and flavours of the cocktails, I was very impressed, who doesn't love a good cocktail!

We started our 3rd day by the pool with some fresh smoothies and juices from the juice bar, which is open all day and has an incredible menu of juices and smoothies, the juice bar is inside the little shop up near reception which sells many of the products and accessories in the rooms, it was so hard not to purchase everything as our bags are already SO heavy as in, I'm not a light packer, and not after being away for 6 weeks either! 😐
We then met at reception for a boat trip, it was a short drive to the mariner where we jumped on a small speed boat which got us to the spots as quick as you could, with perfect flat conditions it was a relaxing trip there, the first spot we pulled up to was a little cove for a swim, there was a few boats nearby all stopping for a swim in the perfect calm clear waters, you can see this spot pictured below with me on the front of the boat!
We then headed off to the next stop which was only a short 5 minute or so drive, again another calm spot between two islands, there was many little boats all there for the day, shallow waters & completely protected from any wind.
After a swim here we headed for the port town to stop in for Lunch, we had lunch at a little taverna that the tour took us too, they made a really nice Fava & greek salad!
after we were done with lunch we left to head back to the hotel, and went a different way to get dropped off out the front of the hotel instead of having to get the transfer back which made it easy!

Later in the afternoon we all met up again to hike up a mountain, it was a super easy and short hike up passed old ruins of churches, when we reached the top we enjoyed an evening drink, light snacks and watched the sunset.
Dinner tonight was at the restaurant and they brought us out many dishes to try, for me it was a bit limiting, but they brought out some plates especially for me, it was far too much food! but super accomodating, the Vegan risotto was my fav, Jacks fav this night was the squid ink risotto, didn't look very appealing to me, but everyone agreed about how good it tasted, maybe I missed out!

The final day, we kept it pretty chilled this day, as I had many flights coming up, Kos-Athens, Athens- Dubai, Dubai- Brisbane.. So I was rather happy to just sit by the pool and beach!
We had breakfast early, took some photos while the pool was still quiet and I headed for one last session at the gym I loved! lunch by the pool, & we then spent the afternoon by the beach before heading to the room to pack up & head to the airport.

Below are links to Casa Cook website and instagram


  1. Everything looks so beautiful! The pool area, with all the wood, your room / balcony and the color of the water! A summer dream 😀
    Sounds like you had an awesome time on kos! We want to go to greece or portugal next year as well and I am super exited, when I see these pictures 🙂

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie ❤

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  2. Looks like such a beautiful place; so picturesque (not that your images ever make a location look bad 🙈) Keep inspiring others to travel the world – it’s a pretty amazing thing to encourage and it’s incredible to follow your adventures on this beautiful earth we call home XX

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  3. Lauren, you mention going to the gym a couple times. Would love to know more about your favorite workouts and what you do to stay in shape on the road. You seem to have this down! It’s always a struggle for me. Ps – Love these photos and this hotel — totally my style as well! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Such a beautiful hotel!! I know working out whilst travelling so much is super hard and takes dedication!
      I usually do 30-60 min on the treadmill, mainly running.
      & then I do around 30 minutes weights and floor exercises, I sometimes do Kayla itsines bikini body workouts! :))


  4. Great artworks as always ! Btw i am a big fan of you and Jack.I’m looking forward for my baby girl born. I will give her name same as your, Lauren will be her middle name 😁. I have some recommend about the meaning of Lauren. But know the meaning from your point of view would be great. Keep Gorgeous !

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  5. Hey Lauren, I was just wondering if you knew which tour by boat you did? The hotel offers a few different options plus the chance to customise! Wondered if you recommended a particular one?



  6. Hello, I love your instagra & your blog. What lens do you use most commonly? I struggle with either having ones that are too zoomed out or too close up, your images seem to get a lot of background in and are perfectly shot xxxx


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