An unforgettable 3 weeks in Morocco, a place which left me with a love-hate feeling..

We flew into Marrakech from Barcelona & started our trip staying at Le Riad Yasmine which is a stunning little riad just outside of the hustle and bustle of the main Souk.
First morning began perfectly- breakfast by the poolside.
We then went to explore the hot and humid streets of Marrakech, we were previously warned of some of the locals in the Souk, and we quickly understood what they meant, approached and hassled, and something I had never experienced in another culture was the aggressive sales approach, if we told them we weren’t interested in their restaurant they would follow us up the street and then say “Fuck you”. I never really felt unsafe or threaten, it was actually rather funny. We learnt quickly just to ignore them and carry on our way.
Although this cultural experience Marrakech was still so interesting and I would never encourage anyone not to visit, but its nice to go prepared!

The stalls are filled with beautiful rugs, lanterns & ancient treasures, I wanted to buy it all! But when you are living out of a backpack that already weighs far too much, its just impossible 😦

Here’s a quick run down of our itinerary;

We spent 4 nights in Marrakech around the Souk area, we then hired a car and drove to Ait Ben Haddou an ancient town half way to the Sahara, we spent the night at a quiet B&B and had the BEST dinner on the rooftop, the owner was an older Moroccan man who was SO sweet. The b&b is called Riad Tamdakhte Guest House, we came and stayed again on our way back because we had such an enjoyable visit! Next stop was the Sahara desert, we went to merzouga region and spent 3 nights under the stars, the first camp we stayed at was called Sara & Ali’s desert camp, and the second was Kam Kam Dunes.

We drove back to Marrakech for a couple of nights but stayed out of town at Aman Jena, This was a little oasis just outside of the busy Marrakech, I really loved this resort, we had a huge villa & felt like you had the resort to yourself. Next we took a drive out to the coastal town of Essaouira, really we took the drive out there for the night to see the Goats in the tree, which we sadly didn’t get to see 😦 next time maybe, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it, so funny!

We than took an overnight sleeper train to tangier- spent a night, & then caught a bus to Chefchouan – blue Pearl of Morocco..
We spent 3 nights in Chefchouan, which I believe was probably too long.. it is incredibly unique, but I admit by this stage I was a bit done with Morocco for now!

Lastly catching an overnight train back to Marrakech to fly out.
I left feeling like it was one of those incredible places I’ve been and done and don’t need to return. but a year later here i am finishing this blog off thinking to myself.. id love to go back soon.. 😉

Here’s a collection of out Morocco images, some unseen..

BTS – most of our shoots don’t end serious 😛

Streets of Marrakech
Le Riad Yasmine- Marrakech
Ali & Sara Luxury Camp-Sahara Desert
Ben Youssef Madrasa-Marrakech
Aït Benhaddou
Sunset at Kam Kam Dunes-Sahara
Kam Kam Dunes
La Mamounia Hotel

Most outfits by Faithfull, Shop via this link

  1. absolutely stunning photos! the Riads are extremely gorgeous even though it might not look like it from the outside, just a simple little door (most of them) xD people are really really friendly. I myself had enough of Marrakech though after 3 days but that’s more because I’m just not a city person and people outside of the touristic cities are so different they are genuinely kind while in the touristic parts you sometines have to guess whether their kindness is real or not. It doesn’t take away the fact that they’re still very kind of course 🙂 and the desert is just mesmerising! I have a page too about Morrocco 🙂 maybe you’ll see different things that you might​ want to do someday 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow, Lauren!!
    Stunning pictures and good article! I heard about the love-hate-feeling soooo many times. I will travel to Morocco next year and I am very excited how I will feel 🙂

    All best from Berlin


  3. So Morocco looks incredible!! 😍 I love the detail in the architecture! A fab read too! 👏🏼


  4. Outstanding travel photos from Morocco! Although not everyone can afford such a luxury trip but the photographs are very very beautiful! We follow you because we are hungry for more … rockon!


  5. curious, how was the stargazing at the sahara desert? i am surprised you don’t have pictures capturing that, i heard it’s pretty unreal out there.


  6. Hi lauren, can I please talk to you about traveling around in Morocco? I am studying abroad (alone) next semester, and I have some questions.

    I’m very nervous about being alone, and I’d like to talk to you about safety. Also, I noticed your outfits show a lot of skin (not judging- this is how I dress) but I read that I’m supposed to be conservative. Did you have any problems while in Morocco while dressing this way?

    Also, with the whole “fuck you” thing, I’m not sure if I would be as composed as you sounded! I’d probably yell back!


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