Touched down in Maldives ↠ 1 week- 3 resorts

First stop was Four Seasons Maldives Landaa Giraavaru 

We flew in by sea plane from Male and were given this incredible view of the island & resort

We were hosted for 3 nights at the Four Seasons and this is what it looked like.. talk about paradise..

This was my first Four Seasons experience and they did not disappoint my expectations. There’s a special touch to Four Seasons Resorts.

Next on the list was Baros, a speed boat ride away from Male, and it is absolutely paradise, a small Romantic island that was voted most romantic resort. We unfortunately didn’t have the best weather during our 2 night stay, but I look forward to returning to Baros as it was truely SO stunning, and the entire vibe of the island was so sweet and relaxing.

Lastly we spent 3 nights at the Club Med Kani resort, which was a completely different market of maldives resorts.

This resort is an all inclusive and the market is more families and young travellers, we had a relaxed visit to Club Med Kani. Although I preferred my time at Four Seasons and Baros.

  1. Hello, I just wanted to say that your photos are absolutely breathtaking! I’ve heard that you’re now in Dubai…Do you do 30-minute photoshoots? I’d love to meet you! Can’t wait to see your new posts on instagram xx

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  2. when is the best time to go there? I do not like the crowds. In the pictures it seems there were nobody when you go there. Did you go there on November?

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    1. Its always fairly quiet there as far as I know… especially with resorts that are very private and secluded.. i think best time is Nov-March.. I went in early May, and it was a bit rainy.


  3. I absolutely Love every pic. I like how each pic has a consistent feel to it. I also noticed that in the pics the sky is always very light/white rather than blue.

    What’s the reason for your choice in how you edit the lighting in your pics and what is it you have to tweak to get them to look the way that do? (Eg temperature, ting, viberance and saturation)

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  4. heey, i want to travel but i dont know if i should go to europe (italy and greek islands) , bali or the maldives. i feel like i would have more fun in bali or the maldives but i dont know if there many thngs to do besides going to the beach. what do you think? love your pics ❤

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  5. Hi Ms. Lauren. I’m a fan Davao, Philippines 🙂 Your photos are captivating. You should come visit Philippines, too. Hope to meet you soon! 🙂

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