1. We’ve briefly chatted on Instagram before, and I would love to do this with my life (just not quite ready), assuming you take images of each other, who takes the images of you two together? If it’s a tripod I’ll be quite impressed. Always looking forward to your guys’ posts on Insta, huge inspirations!

    Ps. I didn’t know you were only TWENTY THREE! What?! Your only two years older than me & traveling to insane places. Good on ya!


  2. hi, my name is andrea and I’m 15 years old, I would love to get some advice on what you did to get to this amazing point in your life because I would love to be like you, to be happy to do my job. I don’t want to be stuck behind a desk doing paperwork or things like that. I want to travel, take pictures, and write about the places I visit!


  3. I admire your job so much, and for some reason I discovered your Instagram account, and from the first instant I saw the color blue along with green in your posts, I knew you were traveling around the globe.
    It’s been my dream to do the same, but I guess Im not that lucky as you. But I don’t give my hopes off, therefore Im willing to contact you via email and ask you the very first question:
    How did you start this type of life and with what budget did you handle to make your very first trip before being contact by travel agencies?
    Sincerely and with very much admiration,


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