Sri Lanka

We had 10 days in Sri Lanka while en route to the maldives, this is what we got up to and the places we visited!

Sri Lanka was a pleasant surprise.. we flew into Colombo, and went straight down to Unawatuna to spend a couple of nights by the beach towns, this is close to Galle.
This is where you will find the swing on the palm tree into the ocean captured below..

We also visited a Hatching Sanctuary and paid a donation to release baby sea turtles into the ocean, this was a realllly cool experience.
They collect the eggs at night when the mothers come up to lay their eggs and allow most to hatch and crawl to the ocean by themselves and they then keep a few in the sanctuary for the visitors to come and be educated and experience releasing baby sea turtles.

While in Sri Lanka I had NO problem being a vegetarian, it was actually much easier than most countries, as they are close to India there was many options, I always use to research vegetarian food options.

Our next destination was to Pinnawala, the elephant sanctuary, We stayed at the hotel elephant park- you gain free access to view the elephants bathing in the stream each day from the hotel, if you are not staying in one of these hotels by the stream you must pay the entry ticket to the centre, which allows you to go by the river- so this is a saving, and plus the hotel isn’t even expensive!
They claim the elephants are taken from the wild to prevent them from poachers, and this is a place of refuge for them, I’m not sure on the exact condition for the elephants, I seen them bathing in the stream all day, and didn’t see any extreme signs of cruelty, BUT I am not an expert on this so I voice NO opinion- if this is something you are concerned about I HIGHLY recommend you to do your own research if you choose to visit this area, do not base it on my recommendation.

We spent 2 nights in Pinnawala before heading to Kandy we spent a couple of nights here and just spent more time relaxing and did some vintage jewellery shopping- This is where I bought my anklets that I LOVE, We then caught the train towards Ella for the day- through the rice fields and mountains, its a beautiful train ride. As we didnt have much time left we only went half way before heading back to Colombo and stayed at Bentota for a further 2 nights before we flew out to Male-Maldives.


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  1. Guys I don’t know how you do it but your pictures and stories are AMAZING!! your instagram profile is my favorite! it’s a pleasure and an inspiration to follow you guys!! xoxo

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  2. Your pictures are really great! Like, it’s the best! I am so so so inspired. Which camera and lens do you use in this picture? And what size do you use in your picture? xoxo

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  3. the quality of the shots are so organic, i love it!! what camera do you use? I have also started to write a travel blog with my boyfriend, I read your post about queensland and we felt very much the same when we were there. check it out: xx

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  4. Hi there! πŸ™‚ I just found you on Instagram, needless to say I adore it. I’m an avid traveler too, and do hotel reviews with my boyfriend. I read that you use VSCOcam and Lightroom. Me too! Just haven’t found my favorite filter yet though and don’t want to purchase aaaaall the expensive packs. I adore your warm filters, which one do you use for DSLR Lightroom editing? And which one for mobile pics editing? Of course it’s how you brilliantly use the light, too, but thought I’d ask πŸ™‚ would be so happy for your reply!

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    1. I use my own presets, like edit in my own unique way. I have all the presets on the app and just use it a little to add a little depth. So usually tone is down to like 3-4. I use various different ones. Hope this helps


  5. Wow, thanks for such an enticing post! I will be traveling around South East Asia and thanks to you, now also Sri Lanka! It looks amazing. Did you book with any tours? I know the south of Sri Lanka is quite big, how did you get from place to place? I am hoping not to rent a car anywhere I go.

    Any tips are appreciated. Thank you and can’t wait to see on the blog/instagram where you are off to next!


    P.s. Where did you get those great white pants? You call them faithful traveller pants but the link doesn’t work. They are so chic and look perfect for tropical travel!

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    1. Hi! We just got around ourselves. We never really use tours. I’m sure there is some great ones! They are by faithfull the brand I’ll have to check why that link isn’t working! X


  6. Hello πŸ™‚

    Awesome posts!! My girlfriend and I are travelling to Sri Lanka in a few weeks. We’d love to get to some of the places you visited.
    Particularly the turtle hatchery, do you remember the name of it? And is the tree swing on Unawatuna beach or another one of the beaches in the area?

    Thank you for your time.
    Safe travels x

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  7. Aloha. 😊
    Myself and my boyfriend are heading to Sri Lanka next month. Could you please tell me the name of the turtle sanctuary that you visited in Unuwatu?

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  8. Hi there, random question about uploading your images onto wordpress… what file size in px and weight in kb do you use? I’m reading that images need to be around 100kb to keep fast loading times for the website but when I compress my images to 100kb the quality is quite obviously worse. Any advice would be amazing!

    Thanks :]

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  9. I love your Instagram and blog. Your photos are so Inspiring. Who usually takes all of your couple pics. Do you guys use a tripod or ask a randomn person ? Thanks

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  10. I didnt really hit on your blog from a happy coincidence. But I read an article that is currently doing rounds about your pictures. Sorry guys that you had to go through all this. But the good thing is, you found one more fan. And I must say, your pictures are brilliant and incredibly beautiful. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

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  11. Wow! Your posts really inspire me!!!
    I was wondering how you took pictures of both you and your partner in them?? did you use a tripod and a timer on the camera or ask someone to take it?

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  12. Great photos!! Although i feel a little stressed about the turtle photo, when turtles are that young they should never be handled, for many many reasons mainly due to navigation issues and the risk of contamination, damage to the shell etc. I’m sure I don’t need to list all the reasons this is a terrible idea to be promoting. Maybe think a little more about the environmental impact and consequences actions can have over the amount of Instagram followers and likes you can gain

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  13. Hi Lauren
    I love all your pictures and texts about the various destinations you have been to πŸ™‚ it really makes me to want to go travel and stop studying πŸ˜‰
    We are currently planning our June trip and are thinking about going to Sri Lanka. When where you there? July? What is your experience with the weather? One reads everywhere that it will be rainy season and not worth going but I have experienced with other countries that you can NEVER rely on seasons – sometimes it rains when it is supposed to be dry season, and sometimes sun is out all day when it is supposed to be rainy season. Whats your thought on that?
    Have a wonderful next trip and keep posting πŸ™‚
    Thanks a million, xx

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  14. Going there in November. What’s the best way of getting around? Did you go by train everywhere or did you rent a car?
    Beautiful pictures!

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  15. great post. I’m going in November and I’m starting to plan the trip. how did you get from galle to the elephant hotel? train or bus?
    thank you

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  16. Hey Guys,Β 
    These pictures look amazing great photography skills I must say.Really likes the rope swing ones. I’m glad if you guys can visit us again, can’t wait see another great photo collection. Cheers.

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  17. Hi!

    Do you have some tips where to stay in sri lanka? You always visit the most beautifull place to spend the night!

    Xx susanne


  18. Hello Lauren ! I have been to the elephant park Hotel and it can’t be unseen that the elephants are so abused, chained, dragged by the the tail and the hears…
    This place is so beautiful but people must not go there if they care about animals. If you could talk about it in your article that would be awesome because you have a real influence…..
    Thank you so much if you read, and love your job with Doyoutravel !!!!!

    Marie @aymumy


  19. Lovely photos, I’m a huge fan of your Instagram page for ages but it’s the first time I’m checking out your blog. I’m going to Sri Lanka this november/december and looking forward to see this country. Especially the train ride from Kandy to Ella I’ve heard many good stories about, can’t wait to see it in real life. Keep up the great work! Big hug from Holland xx


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