Spell & the Gypsy

Spell & The Gypsy, My label of choice! & it’s from somewhere close to my heart, Byron Bay..

The clothing really does speak for itself, and I feel like a bohemian princess whenever dressed in Spell. I don’t even know how many compliments i’ve received while dressed in their clothing, from complete strangers!

“To me, Clothing is a form of self-expression ~ There are hints about who you are in what you wear” Marc Jacobs

Below is images from the latest collection- Folk Town released in the end of Australian Summer 2016 >> Shop Folk Town

Folk Town Frill Dress- Wine

Wearing Size XS Shop Thrill Dress



The Folk Town Button Down Skirt, Wearing Size XS

Shop Folk Town


 Paired with the Twiggy Crochet Crop- Ivory Size SM
SHOP Twiggy Crochet Crop

Wild Orchard Smock Dress
Shop Here


Folk Town Blouse – Wine
Shop Here

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” Coco Chanel

  1. Where did you get your shoes from?? The beige rope looking ones that you bring everywhere? I am obsessed, they go with everything and look very comfortable. I need those in my life!


  2. Where do you get the brown leather braided open toe sandals? I’ve been dying to get a pair and I can’t seem to find any!!


  3. Where did you get the pale green bathing suit you wore in the Philippines? Also what brands of bikinis do you normally where?



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